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Wednesday Comics!


Ok, so I am a day late and probably a dollar short somewhere.  But this is the last week of random posting as well as older comics and sketches.  With being on vacation last week and trying to make up time at work and packing this week there has been little time to draw new comic strips.  But I do have one almost ready for Wednesday next week!!

But things haven’t all been packing and chillin’ at the beach.  I do have the first few pages of a new “Ten Cent Sammy’s” storyline all drawn out.  I’m hoping to make it into an ongoing story for at least a little while.  I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

Lastly, please LIKE Jason D Comics on Facebook!  I try to post there as well once in a while but once things get busy I’ll be on there more and more to try to tell my story.  Thanks again for reading.