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Ten Cent Sammy’s – Hugs

Ten Cent Sammy's - Hugs
Ten Cent Sammy’s – Hugs


Seeing that freshly painted wall covered in green crayon, my heart instantly filled with anger, frustration and exhaustion.  But after my son explained his masterpiece, that same heart melted like a lime popsicle on an August afternoon.  He soon discovered that saying these heart felt things got him off the hook and our house quickly started to look like a New York city subway after a graffiti crew’s turf war.

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Ten Cent Sammy’s Page!

I have uploaded all of my Ten Cent Sammy’s comic strips for your enjoyment. Just click on the link.  I do not as of right now have any plans on making more, but you never know when life will throw you a curve ball. Please enjoy and come back as I will be loading other comics and drawings I have put together over the course of the year. Of course all of this is in lieu of bigger and better things to come!