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Ten Cent Sammy’s – Pi Day

Pi Day


Hello!!  Happy Pi Day!!

SOOOO much has happened since my last post.  Too much to bore you with here…  But I have finally gotten back to drawing “Ten Cent Sammy’s”!  I am super excited too since it seems every time I pick it back up I tend to do it a little better.  This time around I am trying to do more by hand and less digitally.  With that it is taking me a little longer to get strips done so I plan on going full blown web comic in April after I get a backlog of comics done and an update to the site.  Visit back in a few weeks and I will have more comic strips for you!!  Thanks for reading!


Ten Cent Sammy’s – Late Again – Page 7

Ten Cent Sammy's - Late Again - Page 7
Ten Cent Sammy’s – Late Again – Page 7

The epic and climactic  conclusion to my first EVER ongoing strip!  I have so many more to post and get going now that I have found a format that I am comfortable working with.  So stay tuned there are plenty more Sammy’s heading your way folks!

Ok, so I know I said I was going to be M.I.A. for the weekend and that it turned out to be for almost a full week.  But when I came back into town and got back to work I was instantly up to my gills and well beyond treading water.  So I apologize for those of you who have been staying tuned and have been enjoying my comics and to show you how much I appreciate you reading my work I have set up a Random Shorts page that I will be posting other art work not related to my Sammy’s story line.  Take a look!  I have two pieces of work up now!

Lastly, I have also started “tweeting” so if you happen to be on twitter, take a look for JasonDComics and follow along as I try to come up with witty banter at 140 characters or less.  And as always you can also like my Facebook page and stay tuned that way as well.

Thanks for reading!!!

Ten Cent Sammy’s – Late Again – Page 3

Ten Cent Sammy's - Late Again - Page 3
Ten Cent Sammy’s – Late Again – Page 3

There are times in life where no matter how confident you are, something happens that raises the blood pressure a little.  An unexpected (or expected) ring from the office phone can do just that.

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Thanks for reading!