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Autism Awareness

ASD Pass it on.
ASD Pass it on.

Let me sum up this strip by mentioning a few things.  First of all, I have been told that this strip is slightly offensive.  When I made it, my intentions were not to poke fun at Autistic folks, but more of to poke fun at myself (I have tried to make the main character look as much like me as my artistic ability allows).  I am 99.9% sure I have Asperger’s and I tend to use that as the subject matter of my comics (if you hadn’t found that out already) and I tend to think that these comic strips are more of a depiction of how I tend to perceive the world.

I won’t bore you about how or why I came to that conclusion.  Maybe someday I will write my story and if you have nothing better to do at that point in time you can read it.  But I feel it must be known that Autism is real and it affects so many people from the slightly eccentric but are able to get by, to the needing of assistance by the good people who love them.

Writing comics like this is my way of getting the word out and trying to do something about it by making the subject known a little more.  If only one person reads my comics and decides to research Asperger Syndrome like I did, then I feel I have put a little bit more intelligence and good karma into the world and hopefully they also got a little laugh as well.  Even if it was at my expense.

Thanks for reading!


Star Trek – Captain Kirk Sketch


I am Kirk
I am Kirk

The family went to the local box store tonight and I saw a shirt that made my wife shake her head in shame.  So I had to get it!  Not just because of that though.  But because it actually is amazingly awesome.  It was a simple Star Trek printed shirt and they had one left in my size so I had to get it.  I am not ashamed of my nerdiness in any way, shape or form.  Let’s face it, I have to represent when I can!  (I also bought a Hogwarts t-shirt as well…)

One of the few comics that I stopped collecting and completely regret having stopped collecting is the IDW Star Trek ongoing series.  I love it almost as much as I love the show and still consider making the trip to the comic shop for the next few months that I am in the area in order to pick up a copy.  Not to mention picking up all of the issues I missed over the last few months of my boycotting monthly comics.

This sketch is one of the few where I thought it came out kind of well.  I used an ancient Wacom Intuos 1 tablet and a copy of Manga Studio.  Nothing I did with either tool came out how I liked and ultimately went back to good old fashion pencil and paper.  But I am happy to share this with you!  Thanks for reading so far and enjoy!