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Ten Cent Sammy’s – Pi Day

Pi Day


Hello!!  Happy Pi Day!!

SOOOO much has happened since my last post.  Too much to bore you with here…  But I have finally gotten back to drawing “Ten Cent Sammy’s”!  I am super excited too since it seems every time I pick it back up I tend to do it a little better.  This time around I am trying to do more by hand and less digitally.  With that it is taking me a little longer to get strips done so I plan on going full blown web comic in April after I get a backlog of comics done and an update to the site.  Visit back in a few weeks and I will have more comic strips for you!!  Thanks for reading!


Asperger’s and Your Children


Number of Children
Number of Children


People got really sick of me mentioning the Prime Number thing.  I thought it was completely relevant and appropriate but others were definitely not on the same page.  I guess they don’t enjoy math as much as I do.