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Honest to god attempts at writing a true journalistic article.

My first script!

I have finally wrote my first script. well, it’s not my first script ever… but it’s my first script for future use in one of my upcoming projects. It’s 17 pages but I am going to try to edit it down to 15.
It’s a short story that I have been sitting on for ohhhh 6 years now? Maybe longer… I have tried multiple times expanding it beyond the 10 pages of short story but could never manage to keep the feeling going. Every single time I took it beyond the initial story, it lost something. Plus, from there I always lost interest.
I have probably rewritten it a dozen times over the years but never as a comic script. I am so excited as I reread it over again and can visualize the story I know so well and I am hoping I can translate it into something that everyone else can see.
I have two other short stories that I have been kicking around as well as a short story that I ended up using pieces of for a novel I wrote two years back (another project I am hoping to finish before the end of 2015). Also, I am almost giddy of the idea of taking a “choose your own adventure” story I had written a short while back and also making that into a comic.
Man, all these projects and so little time! I’ll be drawing thumbnails on my lunch hour for the next two years I’m afraid. In the meantime of all of this I am also trying to draw up some strips and some fan art that I hope will keep you interested.  I am hoping to post something new every Wednesday.  Stick around and I will post as things come along!