Ten Cent Sammy’s – Heat

Ten Cent Sammy's - Heat
Ten Cent Sammy’s – Heat


I have often dreamt of doing this when it’s 95 degrees and you can’t escape it.  Although the police officer asking me to leave is also part of the dream in a weird way.  It’s been hot where I am but even hotter where I am going to be next week and for the rest of my life hopefully.  I say that because I am never moving again!  And no, I’m not going to hell.  Not yet anyway….

So, I have been slacking on my comic a little lately.  The reason is because I have sold my house and have been packing all of my family’s material possessions in a giant box to have shipped down to where my wife and kids currently are.  I will be joining them on Saturday after two and a half months of not seeing them!  So I am taking next week off from the comic so I can spend time with them and try to fit some drawing in when everyone is sleeping.  I’ll try to post something, but I make no promises.

I have also been working on a couple commissions lately which have been taking a little longer than anticipated.   But as soon as they’re done I will be posting them too hopefully.

Thanks for hanging in there and reading and I hope you enjoy my comic!


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