Ten Cent Sammy’s – Heat

Ten Cent Sammy's - Heat
Ten Cent Sammy’s – Heat


I have often dreamt of doing this when it’s 95 degrees and you can’t escape it.  Although the police officer asking me to leave is also part of the dream in a weird way.  It’s been hot where I am but even hotter where I am going to be next week and for the rest of my life hopefully.  I say that because I am never moving again!  And no, I’m not going to hell.  Not yet anyway….

So, I have been slacking on my comic a little lately.  The reason is because I have sold my house and have been packing all of my family’s material possessions in a giant box to have shipped down to where my wife and kids currently are.  I will be joining them on Saturday after two and a half months of not seeing them!  So I am taking next week off from the comic so I can spend time with them and try to fit some drawing in when everyone is sleeping.  I’ll try to post something, but I make no promises.

I have also been working on a couple commissions lately which have been taking a little longer than anticipated.   But as soon as they’re done I will be posting them too hopefully.

Thanks for hanging in there and reading and I hope you enjoy my comic!


Ten Cent Sammy’s – Hugs

Ten Cent Sammy's - Hugs
Ten Cent Sammy’s – Hugs


Seeing that freshly painted wall covered in green crayon, my heart instantly filled with anger, frustration and exhaustion.  But after my son explained his masterpiece, that same heart melted like a lime popsicle on an August afternoon.  He soon discovered that saying these heart felt things got him off the hook and our house quickly started to look like a New York city subway after a graffiti crew’s turf war.

Thanks for reading!

Ten Cent Sammy’s – Vices

Ten Cent Sammy's - Vices
Ten Cent Sammy’s – Vices


We all have our vices.  For some it’s drugs and alcohol.  For me it’s statistics, cryptography, comics and…..  oh yeah clove cigarettes.

No joke, I will stat myself exhausted if left to my own devices.  I know enough now NEVER to looks up baseball statistics after an exhausting week during last season’s spring break.  I actually did calculate the probable net runs for Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista.  But after 4 hours of pouring over an Excel spread sheet full of percentages I finally came up for air and decided they were going to have a crumby season anyway…  Sometimes the law of following your gut is better than following the laws of statistics.

Don’t even get me started on when I spent an entire week cracking a  Vingenere cypher.

As always, thanks for reading!