Neglect, Inspiration and Captain Kirk

IMG_0001 cop2yNeglect a funny word.  Well… not really.  Mostly it means that you had responsibilities but decided to willfully shirk them because you decided to do something else.  English lesson aside, I admit to neglecting to put up a post as regularly as I have been as well as posting any comic strips in the last few weeks.  My only excuse was that I could not neglect other responsibilities like packing and repairing my house to make it sell worthy.  For the few folks who have been following me as well as have been enjoying my comics, you have my most sincere apology.  But the time away from the site has not all been in vain which leads me to the work portion of the post.

In the few spare minutes I have had while not painting, drilling, packing and swearing at my ineptitude in regards to handiness, I have been writing and reading.  Which to me is most of the work when it comes to creating comics.  I have pages upon pages of scripts from manga to comic strips that are all in the works.  I have also created a Deviantart page which I will start posting work on regularly.  Also, I have decided that a Tuesday/Thursday schedule will probably work best with my schedule for now.  Lastly, I plan on taking down the Amazon store soon and focusing on commissions which as soon as I have everything in order can be purchased by emailing me (more information to follow soon).

The more I thought about it the more I figured out that to me, all of this is more about creating comics and being artistic than making money.  I have a good 9 to 5 job that I plan on keeping so, while making money is amazing and I will work my hardest to do so, it is not my soul objective for this site or my comics.  I would much rather make money off of my drawings of characters and my own books than someone else’s (no comments about Fanart, please).  Now, with that all being said, this leads me to the actual portion of the blog that talks about comic books.

Last week, I had the pleasure of reading Ghostopolis by Doug TedNapel for the second time.  Reading a book twice is something I rarely do.  I loved the book just as much the second time around as I did the first.  I then went on to take out Creature Tech  and I was amazed.  There have been few books that have made me laugh out loud whilst reading by myself and there have been moments in both books that have made me do so.  This is not a review since everyone has their own opinions and will read what they like.  This is more a nod to the inspiration of what comic books as well as good writing can be.  To me these books make me want to be better at my own craft an let me know that no matter how good I think I am getting, there is always more to learn and different techniques to try.

If you want a review for these books, you can look on the internet yourself since I do not want this to become a “Comic Book Review” site.  But rather, the folks who like comics who happen to stumble upon my site I would love to share with them what helps me keep my ideas and creativity flowing.  Every time I put one of these books down, all I want to do is draw and to an aspiring comics creator, this is the fuel I need to keep going and I hope I can pass along a little wisdom in this area to the next person.  If you have a chance and are looking for something a little different, do yourself a favor and get these books in someway.  You will not be sorry.

Thanks for reading my blogs and sharing my comics and I hope you come back again!


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