Friday Sketch



Well, I have been drawing more Manga/Anime inspired sketches lately.  I find myself struggling with the duality of a cartoony style in regards to comic strips but a manga style when it comes to actually trying to be a comic artist.  I love Manga and Anime and for a while there I was trying to draw a sketch of at least one character from a Manga or Anime that inspired me.

When I decided to jump into the world of Manga not too long ago I just happened to pick up Pluto by Naoki Urasawa and it blew my mind!  After years of reading American superhero comics, I never knew a comic book would make me think about the medium in such a different way.  From there I pretty much decided that I needed to expect more out of my comics.  I needed to stop going through the motions of going to the comic shop for Batman and Fantastic Four for the sake of having them and I should expect to be entertained for the money I am spending and time I am taking to read them.

Not to mention Pluto was just an amazing story.  So, I decided to sketch a picture of Atom.  He is not my favorite character but definitely the most important to the story and I couldn’t help but love him as much as the story intended me to.  I don’t like to recommend things too often since everyone has their own taste, but this Manga really is amazing.


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