Starting Something New

Starting something new can be a funny process. Typically I plan and try to figure things out but sometimes jumping in is the only way to do it. One of the things I hope to achieve with this blog is a place to post my web comics, as well as a place to talk about comics and cartoons and everything else in general. Sure this blog will be focused on comics, cartoons and my drawings and stories. But there is nothing saying I can’t comment on the local graffiti scene or some pop art that has caught my eye. Right?

More over, I want a place to call my own. A little slice of the internet where I can be myself and speak my mind. Not only that, but a place where I can showcase my latest creations! I have so many ideas it’s ridiculous. I am also moving my family 840 miles in the course of 3 months as well as selling and buying a new home. So the amount of drawing will be minimum for a little while until life settles down and I have ten minutes to sketch a thumbnail. In the meantime I would love to share my thoughts on comics that are currently being published and cartoons that are currently being made.
All in all, this is all for me. A place for myself. But I am happy to be accommodating to anyone who chooses to stop by and look/read my posts. I hope you enjoy your time here half as much as I am putting this whole thing together.

Jason Douglas


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